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the cult of personality

I suppose people who commit crimes have always been of interest to ordinary people, hence the media/news that report on these individuals, because of the public interest. But the media will not report on people who suicide. This is a... Continue Reading →

Forced Write-irement

How to Prevent Water Damage without Losing Your Mind Part 2

Pratical DIY for the long weekend. M

Maybe my reaction when I found out our son was filling water balloons in the bathroom INSIDE OUR WATER-CURSED HOUSE was a little inflated. Maybe.

Are you CRAZY??? We had to replace that floor down to the joists because of water damage. I’m upstairs plastering the bathroom because of a leak. NO. WATER. PLAY. IN. THE. HOUSE!

His response: “But I covered the floor in towels just in case I spilled!”

Wise beyond his years. Sort of. I had just finished folding those towels…

We’ve now experienced eight—count ’em, eight—leaks in this house.

Our latest was not the fault of the previous owner. For once.

When the plumber replaced the pan under our air handler, he neglected to clean out the drain lines. The small pipes clogged. Water backed up into the air handler and poured down into the air ducts. Missed it? Read all about the horror (and how to prevent…

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A Civics Lesson for 21st Century Americans as We Return to the 1950s

Art by Rob Goldstein

Cover of the 1955 recording of Roger's and Hammerstein's Oklahoma Oklahoma! (1955 film cast) found on the Internet Archives

With all the talk of America’s return to the 1950′s I thought Americans
should know what we need to have in place to help President
Trump make our return a success.

A collage of Donald Trump as a 1950's greaser riding a bike in front of the White House with Hillary Clinton falling off. His shrt reads 'if you can read this the Bitch fell off' Make America Great Again – ‘America…in T Shirts’
by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

The sense of community and the income equality of the
1950’s were the result of two generations who forged a new social
contract out of shared suffering.

The older generation had fought and won World War One and
the young adults had fought World War Two or had older siblings
who fought. Some women served in the military.

Women also fought on the home front by going to work in
the factories.

Photograph of a woman working in a factory in the 1940's Woman in the Factory- 1940’s – Public Domain.

The people of that time decided the use their government
to fund public services and to…

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Great-Great Grandfather Knows Best: Civilized Men Don’t Shove

Art by Rob Goldstein

‘Everyday Courtesy’ is a 1949 film for elementary school
civics courses.

Children marched to the school’s auditorium to watch the
film then marched back to the classroom for a discussion.

Some people criticize the film for being a product of its time
but teaching our children the fundamentals of good manners
is a damned good idea.

‘Everyday Courtesy’ – 1947.

Reprocessed screen shot from the movie ‘Everyday Courtesy’- 1947. May I pass please, Prime Minister Markovic?



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Our ability to choose our elected leaders is an inalienable right we must protect…

Art by Rob Goldstein

“…for the last 241 years, the nation and the citizens have cherished the freedom and liberty upon which this country was founded upon. Many brave Americans have lost their lives to protect that freedom and liberty and lost their lives to protect the freedom and liberties of other peoples around the world. Our ability to choose our elected leaders, as we see fit, is, I believe, an inalienable right that we must protect with all of the resources and authority and power.

“And the fact that the Russians tried to influence resources and authority and power, and the fact that the Russians tried to influence that election so that the will of the American people was not going to be realized by that election, I find outrageous and something that we need to, with every last ounce of devotion to this country, resist and try to act to prevent further…

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