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Mental Illness: The Rising Storm

Art by Rob Goldstein

On October 4th, 2001 experts at the WHO (World Health Organization) estimated that 450 million people were currently suffering from some kind of mental illness across the planet. This was accompanied by a disturbing theory that 25% of the world’s population would at some point in their lives, be affected by mental illness [These results were gathered using WMH-CIDI criteria used by trained lay investigators] .

As humans in a modern society we often go to great lengths to (at least in theory) take care of ourselves. So we have, in most parts of the world, a well developed (or at least developing) health care system and the treatment of physical ailments, diseases, and injury. All of which is continuously monitored and reported, all $6.5 trillion of it. Why add this tid-bit of info? Let’s do a bit of a comparison shall we?

When it comes to mental health care…

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When The Spirit Moves Me


This is type of photo I love of Gavin’s. I hope you’ve gone out and bought his book. It is so amazing I can’t even describe.



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Understanding Your State Law on Rape Kit Reform


END THE BACKLOG is an initiative of the Joyful Heart Foundation to shine a light on the backlog of untested rape kits throughout the United States. Our goal is to end this injustice by conducting groundbreaking research identifying the extent of the nation’s backlog and best practices for eliminating it, expanding the national dialogue on rape kit testing through increased public awareness, engaging communities and government agencies and officials and advocating for comprehensive rape kit reform legislation and policies at the local, state and federal levels. We urge you to learn more about the backlog, where it exists and why it matters. We invite you to take action and support efforts to test rape kits. Help us send the message that we must take rape seriously. 

Survivors’ Voices Drive Rape Kit Reform in Texas

Today’s guest author is Wendy Davis, former Texas state senator and…

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Triple Shot Thursday * We Are One*



I had a hard time deciding what to play this week. I let me heart take the lead and I enjoyed the journey. As the show Pickers say “we’re free styling”.

My hope is you enjoy the music and soak in the message.  M

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medications do not always “help”

opening the door

When a Toxic Family Member Passes Away

A toxic family member passes a toxic family.  There are so many conflicts and court orders for "no contact", that most of the family can't even attend the funeral!  What to do? Do you send flowers?  Well, if there... Continue Reading →

Keep Students Safe From Sexual Assault & Enforce Title IV


Ask Betsy DeVos to keep students safe and enforce Title IX

This petition will be delivered to:

The current Administration is planning to weaken the enforcement of Title IX, a move that would be devastating for students especially those who are LGBT and of color. Survivors and our allies across the country are coming together to ask Education Secretary DeVos to listen to survivors, keep students safe, and enforce protections Title IX has long provided.

Join Know Your IX and End Rape on Campus and ask DeVos to commit to the following :

  • Maintain the Department of Education’s guidance documents clarifying schools’ legal responsibilities to prevent and address sexual harassment under Title IX
  • Continue to recognize preponderance of evidence (i.e. “more likely than not”) as the appropriate standard of proof in campus sexual harassment investigations;
  • Maintain federal transparency in…

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