2 thoughts on “Lyme Disease Journal Entry Seven **Lyme Winning Me Fighting Back**

  1. I imagine doctors just shake their heads behind closed doors…Pain can certainly creep up quicker than we realize! You are taking something negative (Lyme), and helping others by sharing your experience. I never appreciated the dangers of tick bites like I do now. With my new job assignment in the backwoods, a lot of kids get bit…and I don’t think they would even think about Lyme… Spreading awareness here:-)

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    1. I pray it helps. I would hate to see a child suffer like this and if chronic a kid would probably not make it. With the rash only happening to a percentage of people and the test general doctor use fail a large part of time, it crazy. The CDC needs to wake up.I’m going through much more than what is written in the journal, much worse off than putting a front up to. That a built in mechanism to keep my emotions in check. After I get all the details tomorrow on how bad I really am, how long it might take and what I can expect, the shell will crack for a pity part then back to what I can do like everyday until I can’t. I’ve had cancer, brain surgery twice, terrible cars wrecks, nothing compares to Lyme. As I told Mandy, I know where I’m going so I don’t spend time worrying about. I’ll send an em I have a question for you.

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