Dreams or illusions

a beautiful



soft images

as unreal

as the thoughts

that fuel them


a mind creates

as a means

to survive

while reality

hangs loosely

in the background

like an

annoying hum


How much easier it would be to live in a dream of your own creation.

Wait, maybe we already do? 😉


5 thoughts on “Dreams or illusions

  1. Hello Starr,
    My brother and I used to lay in our front yard and watch the clouds for hours. We would say what each cloud looked like and try to show or convince the other. I love to take photos of clouds, black & white cloud photos are my favs. Great post. Welcome aboard. Your first post.
    🙂 M

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    1. Cloud watching has always been a favorite of mine. When I was a child it was my way of escaping the chaos around me. As for the official page, I’m not worried about it. 😉

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  2. Yes we do, Starr 🙂 A really beautiful poem. I love the imagery it conjures in my mind of me sprawled in the tall grass watching clouds do animations in slow motion as reality taps its foot, looks at the watch, and waits impatiently for me to return.


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