The Mare

The mare
The Mare

When I was a child,
There was a mare;
She waited for me each day.
With her, I rode to far off lands,
And dreamed my life away.
As I grew, she stayed in place,
Her eyes straight forward, her mouth agape.
I no longer noticed her wild-eyed stare,
Neglected by my hectic pace.
Then, one day, I returned to her;
Sadness and wrinkles upon my face.
One last time, I hugged her neck,
And together we rode away.

Have you ever walked away from those things in life you enjoyed, that fulfilled you?  There were those wistful days we dreamed of things, things we wanted to see and do. We had a plan but life got in the way.  Careers, family, and the endless cycle of working to hold on to what we had forced those dreams farther away.  Perhaps there were misfortunes. Karma wasn’t kind. Fate was fickle. Destiny – never mind.  Take a moment and pull that old dream back up and dust it off.  Well?  What are you waiting for?  Giddy-Up!

6 thoughts on “The Mare

    1. Thank you, Teagan :-). I find dreams never leave us. We forget, we change, we give up, but if we want them, they never give up on us. I want you to post a picture when you saddle up for the ride out to your dream 🙂

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