Ways to help

6 ways to help someone dealing with PTSD  (from my prospective anyway)

  • Listen, sit silent and listen.
  • Encourage, them to seek counseling.
  • Don’t assume what works for you will work for them.
  • Don’t give advise, unless it is asked for.
  • Help them Celebrate, their victories, no matter how small.
  • Most importantly, be Patient and LISTEN, sit silent and just listen.

What things have helped you or helped you to help others?

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3 thoughts on “Ways to help

  1. I agree with you, Starr. Sometimes it’s those simple acts of caring that give one hope enough to hold on for better days. Many want to help but lack the knowledge or insights to say or do something helpful. PTSD is a complex layer to a person’s existing character and it can manifest in many different ways, but that simple act of listening, patience, and encouragement can be the key to helping someone find that better day.

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  2. Those are all great…listening is so important. I loved EMDR therapy, tapping with Brad Yates (on YouTube), and grounding techniques. When it comes to helping others…LISTENING, and validating the feelings and experiences of a victim were invaluable to me during the first 8 months to year after escape from abuse.

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  3. Dear friend Starr,
    Thank you for sharing. PTSD is like mental illness it can be invisible to others. It is different for every person which makes the challenge more difficult for people to know what to do. By educating and sharing ideas I pray one day we’ll turn the tide on PTSD.
    Thinking of you everyday.

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