Saturday. I should be setting the example. Instead, I’m having breakfast with my kids AND writing this post. It’s past noon (2pm now). No time to lose. They decided to stay in their bedrooms for long time, so I did the same. I love my kids when they understand the concept of weekend.
I cannot explain how much there is to do in the house. I’m not surprised. I didn’t HAVE to do anything this past week, so I didn’t do anything. And now I could complain or do something. So I will complain. After that, I’ll go to the supermarket. I have no choice. This week I ate, one day leftovers, one day I prepared something, and all the other days for dinner, I ate bread and cheese. And every day for breakfast, bread and cheese. I can live on bread and cheese, so I was living on bread…

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2 thoughts on “73

  1. Our Saturday is just starting. 8 and we are still in bed, but awake.one child threw up in the night. Oops…one has started talking now “Mommy I want pancakes!” Maybe we’ll get some more unpacking done today…it’s been 3 months now in our house.


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