A Walk With Eternity

“We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

The Journey


I promised myself long ago that my life would be a walk with eternity.  I didn’t pray to be spared sickness, heartache or any dark moment life can bring.  When those dark moments found me, I never prayed for the light, a cure, a way around.  I prayed for strength to carry on.  

I only wanted a walk with eternity and live my life along the way.  I chased dreams that surrounded me like a halo and when I caught a handful, there were more just out of reach.  Always on my horizon, in the dark midnights of my walk, my eyes lifted from the harshness of the shadowy ground to see a milky starlit sky. It was there the beacon hung like a lighthouse in a dangerous passage.  Lifting my eyes to see the starshine light my way has made all the difference in my walk.  It made me realize, my walk with eternity  is just over the horizon.  However far that might be.

8 thoughts on “A Walk With Eternity

  1. This is incredibly beautiful. I give thanks that there are people like you who can express themselves with such amazing, breathtaking words and share them with the rest of us.

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    1. Thank you, Deb. I am grateful for anyone that could find such a message in anything I do. But, I must tell you, I have been staring at your latest painting for 15 minutes. The things I see in your art are also those things that compel me to write. It’s a gift we share humbly with anyone who finds the time to stop and take it in. I do hope you will continue to paint.


      1. Well, I read your comment a few hours ago but couldn’t reply at the time… let me tell you that I had a big smile and goose bumps – your words really hit me. Artists have a way of communicating. It’s especially neat when artist to artist make inspiring connections. I’m grateful that we have crossed paths on WordPress. I respect you and your art. – Deb


        1. Thank you very much Deb, for such a nice compliment and warm thoughts. It is my greatest pleasure to share concepts and visions of art and literature with other artists. There is a feeling of community and spiritual growth in such exchange. I look forward to more 🙂


  2. Thank you, Teagan 🙂 I liked that description myself. It inspired the painting and then I was compelled to find more words about the emotion the quote and painting brought to me. Thank you for the sunshine and hugs. It’s always much finer to travel that way.


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