I Remember That Day

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” ― G.K. Chesterton


In flames and rivers of blood they lay,

With weary eyes, they saw their fate.

As the chaos of war reached for their souls,

Courage bid them rise and fight that day.

When the battle raged and wounded fell,

Death threw open the burning gates of Hell,

And good men carried the Brave away.

Remember Our Veterans

12 thoughts on “I Remember That Day

  1. Such a painful truth, a truth American’s hopefully will remember. Our freedom, freedom of speech, lack of dictatorship, free to expand our families without government interference, you know I could go all day. Every soilder who fought for our freedom since the Mayflower are Hero’s to me. All deserve so much more than recieved.

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    1. It’s true war is as natural to mankind as life itself. Those that fought for their country and fellow countrymen, their way of life, to ensure the more noble virtues of mankind live on in the face of tyranny have paid a heavy price for a debt that cannot be relieved. The call to arms goes out to every generation and the honorable young of good men and women answer the call.

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      1. Dearest friend,
        To emotional right now, working on Tribute to Military and my Gramps. It’s a tear jerking,ass kicking,mind bender. I hope you like. Do you know all the call?, I don’t know proper word for all the armed services, like Buyaw, sure not spelled correct. Down to safe to get grams military file.
        Hugs Twice for a Veteran

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    1. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve but more grateful for those that set aside the crushing paralysis of fear and defended their brothers and sisters-in-arms, Their ideology of freedom for all mankind, and their country. Freedom comes with a heavy price many don’t hesitate to pay. Thank you Teagan, it means everything.

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