Saturday. It’s snowing. I’m not happy about it.
What a day yesterday! It didn’t feel like a Friday, probably that’s why I forgot my song.
Now I need some therapeutic writing or I’ll get crazy.
The man called yesterday at 4.00pm to say he was leaving with his girlfriend for the next days. Ok. Then he said: “My parents rented a holiday’s house from the 30th on near here. We could leave the kids there and I could drive you the 31st very early to the airport alone. That way, they can sleep longer”.
“What? We already arrange that, why are you changing the plans last minute?”
“I’m not changing the plans, I’m just telling you, think about it”
“I thought about it already and it’s ALWAYS the same. Your parents make me change my plans. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS STILL HAPPENING”.
“I can’t discuss this now, my girlfriend…

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2 thoughts on “122

  1. Still a jerk! With kids, changing plans for less than an emergency, has a great potential for disaster. Good for you for speaking up and refusing to be at the receiving end! As for the girlfriend, unbelievable…And the calendar-never seen one like that-hidden surprises…💜

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    1. I loved the hidden surprises 🙂 They made me smile.

      I only hope he drives me to the airport and that my kids are with us as promised. I will know in a couple of days.


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