Walking into 2015

Just move those feets…!

Sunflower Solace Farm

I remember the times when January 1st was a bleary-eyed sleeping in day.  A day that didn’t require going to work, woohoo!  Those days seem to be long behind me, although if I had television I might still be tempted to watch the ball drop in Times Square. This year my goal was to go to bed early and get a good ‘hike’ in on my day off. So I worked my shift on the 31st, said good-bye to my eldest who left for a new job, and headed home full of Village Inn pie.  Try as I might, I couldn’t stay up much past 10 p.m., particularly knowing I wanted to be up at 6:30.

Now I walk the dog regularly, so walking isn’t entirely foreign to me. But we take the same path nearly all of the time – down the block past the barking Shitzhu and the three cats…

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