You DO Have Strength

Survival seems a lifetime as it is occurs. It exhausts our adrenals as we live in fight or flight modus.

At times we cannot pinpoint just when it started, when we suddenly realize we are as far removed from our inner self as possible.

We see no light, no end. Minutes streamed together seem to make up the days in our life. Painful days when we wake each day to once again, be the star of the wrong movie.

This is a Survivors blog, for those that have crossed the finish line and for those still on their way.

We learn that life can and DOES change. That no matter how low, there will be a high, no matter how dark, there will again be light.

We may throw the ”unfair “card in from time to time. That waste of time card. Life is what it is. It is a perspective for those who go through it. What is devastating to one, is nothing to another. What cripples one, teaches the other to get up and forge through. It is in a nutshell, a choice. A choice to survive based on the inner strength we all have, that sometimes, we have been fooled to believe doesn’t exist.

Believe in yourself. The more strength you put into a positive day, the more distance you have from pain.

The more distance, the less it can feed you, leading it eventually  to die from your life.

18 thoughts on “You DO Have Strength

  1. Welcome Heather! I love your words…survivors, regardless of the battle specifics, have been in the darkness and maybe even faced their deepest fears. The words we share are powerful…I could never have imagined the support felt through written word! 💜


  2. Thank you Heather. Thank you for lending your voice with such clarity and thoughtful reflection. And Welcome to this small family of survivors. Please make yourself at home. 🙂


  3. Hello my friend Heather

    Welcome to the group, your first post hit home. I am searching for a Naturopathic doctor to address Adrenal issues. You must have read my mind. Lyme has a strong hold on me right now, some days it’s hard to walk. Lyme is so complex, I think more than one doctor might help me. You made my day with your words.

    You can write from your blog and reblog here, whichever is best for you. We need to talk, you may be able to help me with my health struggle. Email me when you can.



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