Budget Bordeaux

For you, M. πŸ™‚

The Starting End


It is said that a Woman, will prove her devotion,
To a Man when he’s nothing to give
And the Mans devotion to Woman, when he has risen above,
Has it all, and with her,
Still chooses to live

When together you sail you a fictitious boat,
Through high waters, desperate for land
Offer him hope through the crashing waves,
When lifes course doesn’t change on command

Feed his ego, with all the love that you feel,
Enjoy a bottle of budget Bordeaux
Let his confidence rest, somehow peacefully,
Knowing you’ve no plan to go

When the time comes that he’s, spotted land,
And the waves are like silk through a breeze,
His navigator shows a steady path,
Towards good fortune, fine life,
The dream now he sees

The dark seas have been swapped, for city lights
A sudden no care in the world
Bills are paid, the champagne flows,

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