Cancer of the Soul

When thinking of this Blog and my poetry blog,I thought to post this here. This one holds a special place in my heart and soul. I hope that maybe, it will reach some of you as well. With love, Heather

The Starting End


I see me now,
And reflect on a time when
Once lost ,
Needing to be found again

I see those years,
Just a walk on part
On the stage
Of my life
In a house I occupied,
But where I did not
In a bed I slept,
But did not

My echoing thoughts,
A confirmation
Of loneliness,
Filled with emptiness,
Although be it without solitude

The night could have been day,
The day could have been night
For I mourned both,
But wished,
Both away
Dark sadness

A mere band aid
For an open bleeding heart
Hurt in the moment
Hurt as it passed
Yet stood still as it ran

It was then when I had
Cancer of the Soul,
Living lifeless,
Needing to be born again
Not wanting to grow old

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4 thoughts on “Cancer of the Soul

  1. This is simply a very beautiful poem. It brings back memories of my own struggles with depression over the years. It also vividly brings back memories of my actual cancer battles which affected my soul as well as my body. Thank you for sharing this poem with us!


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