Minimalism, life and hiking

Not writing much, but walking LOTS!

Sunflower Solace Farm

When you begin to consider carrying all that you need on your back for a few months, the contents of your home begin to loom in the mind as well. The idea of ‘comfort’, ‘luxury’ or ‘morale’ items becomes a topic of thought. We really don’t think about these things day to day, just like we don’t think about availability of water or food, shelter or medicine. We as a whole (define ‘we’ as you wish) mostly have never experienced true want or need. Yet more than half of the world wonders about those things daily. That is what they do each day, locate and haul water; cultivate, forage or barter for food.

So this again is a new thing, at least for me. I have had periods of want, yes – relatively speaking. I have had times of wondering, true. But I was wondering and wanting from a dry…

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