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A li’l update 🙂

Sunflower Solace Farm

BW RS IMG_2919

I feel like I’ve joined the ‘writer’s abstinence club’ of sorts lately. I think of great things to write, but I’m busily doing something else, and then I have tasks to tackle or familial bonds to reinforce with listening, advice, interventions or the like, and a dog to walk and a job, and well, then it’s past bedtime and I’ve neither read nor wrote a single line here at WP.

RV shopping:
This is one of those activities that really would benefit from the ‘rent-a-husband’ idea. Granted, I’ve polled a few male friends for input, but a woman tire-kicking just doesn’t have the intimidation factor, ya know? (unless you’re my eldest daughter who memorizes mph, engine sizes, torque and the like, but only on cars). If you’re a regular reader you’re probably going “Wha, huh? Wait, what about the tiny house in the woods deal?” Consider this practice. I’ve lived…

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4 thoughts on “Thoughts from the week

  1. RV living could be fun. The hiking and camping…inspiring. I’m encountering similar challenges in the downsizing effort…and helping my mom downsize. On top of finding memories, mom finds things that can be put to use someday, or craft books with pretty pictures. 😉

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  2. Well now, surely you didn’t think I’d have just ONE solar panel? *grin

    I grew up in snake country, and I still don’t like them very much, but they don’t make me jump much. Nearly stepped on one a couple of hikes ago.

    Always glad to bring laughter, intentional or…otherwise 😀


  3. You can bring on the laughter. I kept trying to picture me living in RV, when neighbors got to friendly just pull up stakes. You will have to attend Hoarding 101 before the RV. A solar panel can’t generate enough juice to operate one device a day? You would have something to look forward to. With the extra time you have on trails, invent a 2 cup solar coffee pot. From the invention you can afford to pay $15 a day to park. 🙂
    I’m glad you are having so much fun. You are very strong and have taken the reality of life and created a life you love. Not many can say the same. Don’t forget the snake wrangling course. I watched Nat Geo yesterday and it was full on snakes!!!!!! I don’t like any snake. That Cobra scares me death. I doubt the RV will visit cobra country, but it doesn’t hurt to know the tricks.

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