Come Out

The Starting End


I don’t believe there’s a heart that is cold,
Can’t let you in and can’t understand
For that’s just a heart, crafted with faith,
That one too many, chose to aband

Show me a person who doesn’t need love,
Contradict, easily I will
Like believing a homeless man doesn’t want shelter,
Preferring the bite, of a deep winters chill

Is there a person who doesn’t yearn Home?
Ask a soldier the truth, while in a bunker he hides
It’s as pure and natural as that of,
The shore patiently waiting, the return of its tide

While there’s a smile upon my face
It doesn’t mean that I have lost sight,
Of pain that traveled a solo road,
Until once again, trading shadows for light

So come out of your shell and show yourself,
Your heart so soft, expose
As I’ll be your shelter, your love and warmth,
Safeguarding the trust…

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