And so it begins…

Sunflower Solace Farm

I did it! I am now the owner of a rolling version of a tiny house. Well, me and the credit union 🙂 And yes, I drove it, adrenaline inducing event that was. I’m scheduled for a full driving course prior to taking actual delivery, after it goes through its bells and whistles review and safety testing.

La coquille entre deux La coquille entre deux

For a long time now I have been plotting and dreaming of a way to return to the woods in some fashion. As I couch-surfed initially after the loss of the farm, and then rented, watching money go down the drain for nothing to show at the end, I have inwardly fumed and fretted and imagined. For nearly three years I have lived behind a square six-foot fence enclosed tiny studio that flooded and has had squirrels and fruit rats running amok in the dropped ceiling; the one with…

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2 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. I’m looking at those potentials too, but right now money is going out like a leaky pipe. Might have to wait on the homey bits. Good luck on your plans too! Life is about adventure, for certain 😱


  2. Oh my gosh!!! Congratulations! I feel like I am moving right along with you. My sister has a rolling home parked at her alma mater, for football season. I have stayed there once, and was very much in awe at the hominess of it. There were a lot of permanent structures, like screen rooms, on some of the lots. Sending a “yahoo!” To you!

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