What I’ll write this time, happened in about a two years period . I start after my hormonal IUD was placed, somewhere in the spring of 2010.

Things with the man started deteriorating. I dreaded the time I was at home. I felt I could never make him happy. It didn’t matter how hard I tried, I did ALWAYS the wrong thing.
One good thing was happening though. My kids used to go to an international school in Cowshitland. That year, we, the moms, had formed a very nice group. We used to get together to celebrate birthdays or to help at school. We had several Girls Nights Out. The man didn’t like me to go out because he thought that I had to stay at home and take care of the kids.
The “You are the father and you must take care of them too” didn’t apply in our…

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2 thoughts on “211

  1. Wow, P….he is as giant an abusive asshole as they come! I had an IUD issue too…caused a lot of pain and suffering, and removing it was worse than my experiences giving birth! To top it off, I became highly allergic to latex, so condoms were out. The abuser wouldn’t have the surgery, even though he was 52 years old. I ended up under the knife once again…assholes they are!

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