Notes from an RV Park

Because M needs to shoot a beverage out of her nose today…

Sunflower Solace Farm

It has been a stretch of interesting days.  I’m not certain how my life always seems to amble along like a comedy, but it does most of the time. It could be that I am just silly 🙂

I ran up against a wall this week that I’ve not encountered ever I don’t think, since I began surfing the ‘net decades ago. I ran out of data allotment. Now, since I use my connection for work, this is a pressing issue, never mind the lack of YouTube, the inability to stream music from AmPrime, or restricting my movie selection. Suddenly, I was in a world of ‘no connection found’.  That’s because I turned my router off when I got the nifty notice from Verizon stating I’d consumed my monthly allocation.  EEEEEEEEEEK! Thankfully that occurred on a weekend when I wasn’t working, and my month rolled over soon. The park is…

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