I am the Government and I am You.

Art by Rob Goldstein

I Beleive I Believe

May is National Mental Health Month
The ongoing sight of our elderly and disabled living their last days in filth on our city streets fill me with shame.
It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t always like this.
Most people aged 60 and over remember when it wasn’t.
For me, the question is not what the government should do about it.
We are the government.
The question is what are we going to do as people to correct a fatal mistake in public policy?
The policy of deinstitutionalization was premised on the idea that human rights and class mobility are a national priority.

“We as a Nation have long neglected the mentally ill and the mentally retarded. This neglect must end, if our nation is to live up to its own standards of compassion and dignity and achieve the maximum use of its manpower. This tradition of…

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5 thoughts on “I am the Government and I am You.

      1. I would like to read more, it’s hard when you’re 51 years old and feel 80. Lyme sucks.
        I mean’t to tell you, TED Talks is a great resource for finding info on your passions. I am educating myself on Child Trafficking. Like you my minds works after than my body. I have to remember I can’t save the world. We can advocate, educate and provide support.
        Hope your having a great day.

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          1. The biggest problem for me is my memory. I have a very short memory, Lyme is having a party in my brain and sometimes my husband has to tell me something ten times. It’s terrible writing, I question if the post is close to something already written. My brain has 50-60% cognitive ability. It makes you feel real young or worse really old. I can’t complain to much. People everywhere including America have life much harder and have given up.

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