Is there life offline?

In case you haven’t smirked today…

Sunflower Solace Farm

So what, you may ask, can one DO when there is no internet to absorb, delight, educate, aggravate and titillate? If you are a geeky person like me, you read. Yes, those book things that we house in places called libraries and line up in bookstores filled with the intoxicating aroma of, well, probably glue, formaldehyde and some other chemical constituents I’m ignorant of, but that draws me in every single time.  As an aside, do you think that Kindle, Nook and such will ever create downloadable books that actually smell like a book? Since I have internet at work, but they frown on me actually not working when I am there, I would surreptitiously take my Kindle to work and download books as the Kindle sat placidly in my briefcase slurping up the guest data connection.  I also read real, concrete, books in hand.  You are all fascinated at…

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