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Mug shot Tuesday. I have really little time today. It’s cold, really cold and it was much colder two hours ago 5ºC/41ºF. And it’s almost summer. I hated telling my cousin to get some winter clothes, I know she’ll freeze here.
I made an appointment with the doctor for this afternoon. There is something worrying me. I want to go there and hear: “There is nothing wrong, just keep an eye on it”. The truth is that I’m terrified.

Just in case you had any doubt. I’m 100% woman. Even if I don’t wear make up and swear like a sailor. It’s just me, and some mascara or nicer words won’t change who I am. They’ll only change the way you see me.

Long ago I planned to write a guide on how to treat women but there is always something that seems to have the priority. And it shouldn’t…

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