Dragons Don’t Win | [POETRY]

Do we each have the moral courage to stand up for those whom are bullied?

I promise to answer the call.


Poem about bullying
Dragons Don’t Win

Today I saw her spirit, crushed and tak’n away.

The Punisher thought it funny, to treat the girl this way.

The target of repression, he labeled her downcast.

And struck her with his names and stones, and with his fiery blast.

And to the silent, brittle girl, I lunged to take the fire.

To shield her from the dragon’s heat, to help the flames expire.

And all the dragon did, was turn and walk away.

Because someone stood up to the beast, and saved a soul today.

3 thoughts on “Dragons Don’t Win | [POETRY]

  1. Our minds were thinking alike again, I was bullied and started a draft of post. I know this makes me sound like an 100 yr old. I believe social pressure, social media, lack of discussion at home/school is why bullying has escalated. Now the cowards can hide behind devices and harass you even more. I don’t have kids and may be way off on my thinking but don’t think so. Why does a 9 yr old need a cell phone or computer in her room. If parents aren’t listening, they have no clue.
    My 2 cents.
    PS The poetry was beautiful even in it’s sadness.

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