I’m Getting Her PTSD. Pt. 1 [Poem]

How do you relate to the people in your life with PTSD?

This post is part of a series of poems dedicated to my girlfriend. She has PTSD and severe anxiety and you will understand her story with each post. Each time I learn something about the mental conditions she lives with, I add a “part” to the series.


History becomes Her story-

She’s a beautiful soul, trapped deep in her keep,

In a place she won’t let most inside.

So I’ve entered slowly and cautiously here,

Not breaking the trust she confides.

Her levels and layers, her pain and her hurt

Run as deep as the red in her blood.

And I sit and I listen, to all that she says,

Which comes from her core that is good.

She tells me of rape, of the breaking of bones,

And a tear glistens down over my cheek.

For I’ve known the warrior, the battle hardened victor,

Not imagining her soft soul so meak.

Sometimes she gets up, in the middle of the night

She says that it’s just too hard.

She’ll leave then apologize because she’s flashed back

I’m not angry, I’m honored ’cause she let down a wall.

We tell each other, “You get me.” “You understand who I am”,

And we hold each other tight.

And I’ll hold her and treasure her, ’til peace arrives,

And helps her sleep through the night.

She’s grown on me, and taught me her life,

My mouth hangs open in awe.

For I’m getting her condition, her PTSD

I’m beginning to understand it all.

Do you have suggestions for supporting people with PTSD? Will you share them with us?

12 thoughts on “I’m Getting Her PTSD. Pt. 1 [Poem]

          1. ‘Perhaps you would honor us with a guest post sometime soon? ‘
            thank you 🙂

            I was reported to police with one of my posts on SURVIVORS BLOG.
            it was extremely upsetting for me, as what i had written was about a dream i had. nothing to do with anything i had done (in reality). i never really got over it. sorry.

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                1. I hope they took this step out of concern for your welfare, Gavin.

                  I called 911 for my girlfriend and was so afraid at the repercussions. Fortunately the Lord worked it out in His plan, which I never would have thought possible. Love you, bruthah! Thank you for sharing through your vulnerability, resiliency, and courage. You are a model for me to do the same.

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