Active Listening: The Skill of Paying Attention

Art by Rob Goldstein

Active Listening

I wrote and taught a training in Active Listening when I was a supervisor at a call center for Pacific Bell Internet.

I first learned Active Listening  as a volunteer at a Crisis Center in Charleston, South Carolina.

I discovered a draft of this training while sorting through old files.

I realized when I read it that Active Listening is an all-purpose skill that is relevant for people with mental health issues and for their families.

The skill of quieting the mind to attend to the words of another person is invaluable, especially for those of us who must cope with perceptual and emotional distortions.

I’ve left most of the text as it was.

The original title of the training is, ACTIVE LISTENING: The Skill of Providing Quality Customer Service.

However, I now call it: Active Listening: A great Social Skill in General.

Premise: Technical people may understand the subtle…

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