15 thoughts on “Sunshine…memories of Sail Racing topped with breathtaking sunset

  1. Very nice M! Being a Florida boy, surf, sun, and sailing is in my DNA. I was never more happy than when I was on the gulf or in the Atlantic. wonderful selection of images.

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    1. D
      Water, diving, windsurfing and of course being on the water. I love being on the sailing team.

      I’m paying a service for a month to stock up of more awesome photos.
      Did my question about your thought’s on the theme past right by.
      Have a great day. Any kids today or are you free to play with your friends in your mind.

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    1. My goal for many years was to live on a boat for 5 years. Then I met my ex-husband puts the brakes on fast. I dated a guy for 2 years, older, good money and I had worked with him over a 15 year period. He had a huge 40 ft. Uniflight. We went to the lake every weekend. Nice meals excellent wine, looking at stars and talk about dreams. He taught me so much. We even did the get up at 5am to drink coffee and fish. Nice man, nice memory.
      You got the long story. Are you close to Sharon? I’m determine who is posting or not. I can’t go months at a time with no explanation. I wondered if you knew what is going on with her.

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      1. I’m not sure who Sharon is πŸ™ˆ is she one on survivor?
        But just going to a lake with a boat would be a dream come true for me! Sounds like a great time you had! I could actually get up that early for a boat ride too πŸ‘πŸ»
        Hugs πŸ’•


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