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Sunday. It’s raining again, non-stop since yesterday evening. It should continue like this until Tuesday. What a bad summer!
In a bit I’ll start baking the cake and wrapping the presents so everything will be ready for tomorrow.
A few days ago, my 2nd son got a mug for my daughter and I hid it where I store the food. Yesterday when I got back from the supermarket and was putting the groceries away, my daughter appeared and saw the mug:
“What a beautiful mug!”
“Oh crap!”
“It’s really beautiful! Why is it here?”
“Because your brother got it for you and I was supposed to wrap it and hide it but I forgot where I left it. So tomorrow when you get it, you’ll have to pretend that you never saw it before”.
“So my birthday IS tomorrow!!”
“No, no, no, I mean, when you see it on Monday…

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