Sometimes | [POETRY]

Just a quick poem that came to mind tonight.

To my friends who will call because they’re worried, I am fine. I promise. Mom, Chelise, Mistaken…I really am.

…Just a little bout with Specter.

But he ain’t gonna win. 

I know other people needed to hear this so they know they are not alone.

Thank you for sharing.


Sometimes I miss my daughter

Sometimes I miss her bad

Sometimes I hate the loneliness

I wish I never had

Sometimes I like to be alone

Sometimes I wish I weren’t

Sometimes I wish someone would hold me

And take away the hurt

Sometimes I’m fine and focused

Sometimes I rarely am

Sometimes I shut the windows

And cry as loud I can

Sometimes I’m grey, the Specter

Sometimes I can’t bear the ill

Sometimes I think I’ll make it

Sometimes I doubt I will

3 thoughts on “Sometimes | [POETRY]

  1. Hi Chris
    I got your back buddy!!!!! The back down has taken me to hell but I raised my hand some how and blessed to walk the earth today. I appreciate you even more knowing you better. You’re raw, you lay the guts on table, your honest. Your experiences and open nature helps more than you will ever no.
    I’m so glad we’re working together. I would like to offer all the time you need, I’m here and I listen well. I don’t judge, look at my life.
    In love your sister


  2. I want you to make it. If you lose, we all lose. Our fibrous network will have been frayed, weakened and missing an integral part of our tensile strength. Should you feel the bottom falling out from under you, shout out for support. If you need a contact address, I’ll send you one.


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