Why so fragile? ?

From the Darkness into the Sunshine

A few weeks back a counselor made contact to start work with her ,not sure I told yous but now probably 3 weeks ago iv seen her yesterday for the 3rd Time she’s really come in at a time were Angela was useless and trying to sort meds hasn’t worked and motivating me to talk up and not stop fighting for my rights..
Anyhow by yesterday I was already into a few days experiencing out of body pieces and hating been out of control means more fighting and moods up and down .Yesterday at Becs my brain was screaming I was silenced in my own body as hypervigalant as i was i couldn’t express my needs my feelings as gently as she coxed me i wanted to run ..”I AM THAT CHILD AGAIN ”
crying on off trying to get control felt a must i was scared ,out the corner…

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