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Mug shot Tuesday. No F#$king Way. That’s what I’m repeating over and over these past days. I know I have a strange kind of luck but COME ON! give me a freaking break.
Yesterday we were having dinner and my cousin said: “Crap, we run out of paper napkins”
“Don’t worry! Take some paper towels”
“No more paper towels either!!!”
“It’s fine, take some toilet paper!”
“Hahahaha, OK… NO WAY!! The one hanging is the last roll!!”
“Are you kidding me??”

If you didn’t know, one of the things that terrify me is running out of toilet paper. So I said to my cousin: “Tomorrow morning I’ll go to the supermarket and get some napkins, towels and toilet paper… I just hope nobody gets the shits overnight!!”.
I was lucky enough to get the shits in the morning and being able to get the extra rolls just in time. Freaking…

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