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Sunday. I’m home. It’s really dark outside and that makes me a bit sad. I really don’t like artificial light but lately, I don’t see so well and I need extra light and glasses. The wonders of aging. Ughhh.

For a couple of months, every time the man came to pick the kids he said: “I’m tired of everyone saying that Cutie (3 years old), is not potty trained”.
I interpreted that “everyone” as his family, because they just can’t mind their own fu#$ing business.
I know I tried and he wasn’t ready and asked me every time to put on a diaper, so I did.
The day that I was leaving for Spain I said to the man: “I put a bag full of underwear for Cutie just in case someone tells you that he’s still not potty trained. You can say: ‘If it bothers you so much, here…

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