Today my darkness was about to swallow me whole! I was a button click away from canceling my teacher education. But today I was surprised by an online friend with an angel card reading.

Her final advice was: โ€œspeak your truthโ€.

So I did so. I told my teacher and I told a friend.

My teachers told me to reconsider my education, they broke me down further.

But then a devilish light sparked in me. I can do this. I know I will be a good teacher. No one will convince me otherwise!

So I asked my friend for help with the kids. She said yes. And miraculously my oldest suggest that they instead could stay with grandma during my two days of school. She asked and they got a yes there too!

So now Iโ€™m relieved.

And I sent my teachers an email saying sorry for being so emotionalโ€ฆ

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