NBC29 News Story On Cat Dissection

Looking For The Light

NBC29 News Story on Cat Dissection—Thanks to our Petition-Signers!

Tamira Thayne
Amissville, VA
Jan 14, 2016 — Thanks to the overwhelming support of Americans on the petition against cat dissection in the high school classroom—now at 103,000 signatures—Brynnan and I were invited to discuss our position on a Charlottesville, VA NBC 29 news station.

We are grateful to our signers who have made this possible—on behalf of those cats who cannot speak for themselves, and the students who are too afraid to speak out against this kind of traumatic experimentation in our school systems.

As I made clear in the TV interview, “This [cutting up of cats by high school students] engenders a lack of respect for companion animals, and that’s the complete opposite of what we should be telling our students.”

My daughter Brynnan further drives home the point in the interview: “We can’t dissect these cats, they are…

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