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The Blogger Recognition Award comes to me from My Eye Candy

I want to thank Eye Candy for nominating me for this award.

The Blogger Recognition Award is a way to say thank you to bloggers who inspire and support other bloggers.

Rule number one: Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog–  Done!

Rule Number Two: Provide a link to the award creator. I don’t know who created this award.

Rule Number Three: Nominate fifteen other bloggers, (or more) excluding yourself and the person who nominated you.

The bloggers that I’ve nominated for this award inspire me by the way they interact with and support other bloggers. I can easily make a list six times as long as this.

Life of an El Paso Woman

Mental Breakin Progress


Life as a Garden

Erika Kind

Son of a Beach

Mind and Life Matters


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