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Mug shot Tuesday. Size Matters. Of course it does!! Specially when I get a chocolate bar, it better be a king size and not a free sample.
Now, if we talk about body parts, does size matter? I think it’s a difficult question, specially because we all prefer different things.
For some reason, men think that women prefer a big Willy. Some of them are really obsessed by the size of their willies.
From my own experience, a William is painful. Give me 10 Billy’s instead (but one at the time, please!!).

And what about women, are we obsessed about the size of our boobs?
We must be somehow. It’s like our hair. If we have curls we want it straight and viceversa.
It took me years to be happy with my boobs. After having kids, and on the contrary of what happens to most women after breast feeding, my…

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