Granny is little girl in front, curly hair, cross eyed, gather around her siblings. Her life was shattered when her father died in 1930. Her mother could not manage the money, it must have been hard on the kids. Back in the old days the snake oil, fuller brush and many more stopped by. She would buy everything.

Her oldest brother joined the Circus and traveled around the world. He returned home starting a career as a Concierge at upscale restaurant.

Two of her brothers wanted money and fast. One became a bank robber, He and wife spent several years in prison.The day he walking out of jail, it was business as usual with eyes to cover his back.

The older joined the local Mafia. At the time slot machines were the way to the money.The tragedy is he was murdered with cyanide. I am totally fascinated buy the Mafiaโ€ฆ

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