Art by Rob Goldstein

Strange Dream #12                  Strange Dream #12

The snake yawns wide and shows its venom glands.

He is a large scaly ES on the queen sized bed in room 314.

“Ssunlight is an abomination.” sighs the snake.

“Oh fuck off!” snaps the dog from where he hangs. “The whole day is an abomination!”

“I know where the Garden iss.” says the snake.

“So you’ve said,’ replies the dog, “where is it, again?”

“In Manhattan. Marked by the statue of the unknown bodybuilder. Every Christmass true believerss ice skate to celebrate his musscles.”

“So, how come you don’t live there?”

“I got tossed by a blast of righteousness. God did a shimmy-shake and I landed here with Frank. God was jealouss. I got a piece of the woman.”

The dog tries to wag his tail but doesn’t have one.

“Howss about you?” asks the snake. “How did…

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