Throw Back Thursday *Jamming in to the Weekend*

Looking For The Light

Hello friends, I’m continuing to find the right Theme. Don’t be surprised when you drop by and see changes. I am trying to work WP on importing my previous blog. If you have any suggestion, I’m open for feedback.

I enjoy playing DJ with your music sugestions. We have great request this week. Keep the request  coming my way. I wanted to DJ  at young in life Playing your tunes brings fond memories.

One of my goals for 2016 is to learn more about friend/followers. I want to say  Thank You for dropping by for Throw Back Thursdays.

Xx  M

Don Henley plays a beautiful version of The Heart of the Matter

Hold on Loosely was requested by Selective Thought

A great trquest from Hyperion Strum

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One comment

  1. Excellent selection M! Loved them all. Songs that had deep meanings for me always evoke those memories they are associated with. I sat and listened and dreamed of the good ole dayz.


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