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Friday. Riding my bike with -4Cº/25ºF is really no fun at all. I get tears in my eyes and those tears get frozen. It should get warmer this weekend to just about freezing point.
I know it’s not terribly cold here if you compare with other areas but I’m freezing and I can’t get warm. It’s like I’m shaking the entire day and that’s a workout for sure because every time I check my weight, I’m about half pound lighter. Yay for this f#$king winter!!

I’m still trying to get motivated and it’s difficult. I just need one thing to go right and that will be enough to make the first piece of the domino to fall and hopefully, all the others too.


That’s what I’m asking, one thing. Only one. I want to feel that something is going my way. I want to stop saying: “Oh no, this too?!”…

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