Day 26 of gratitude!


 Not really sure I can dig out some gratitude today LOL My little tween has turned this house upside down with her tantrum since she stepped out of her bed this morning.

And of course I am the one to be blamed for ABSOLUTELY everything. Even when I am sitting in the car waiting for her for 15 minutes!

So today I am grateful I am the boss and that I have taken control over all the iPad’s and iPhone’s in the house 😉 There will be a drought in online time for a very very long time, that’s for sure!

So I am actually super grateful today for kids bedtime 😛 Usually I go straight to bed too, but tonight I will be enjoying my couch, candlelight’s, chocolate cookies, chai tea and some TV! Just to get over this day of tantrums so I can wake up with a smile…

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