Dementia Induced Thoughts of Suicide

Looking For The Light

Dandelion Dandelion

Reblogged from 2005

Being a caregiver to a dying loved one can leave you drained of emotion, exhausted and frustrated. All normal feelings. I felt quilt mixed in my bowl of emotions. I grew up knowing my grandparents wanted to die at home. I would grant the wish if possible. They inspired me, saved me from parental abuse and blessed me with unconditional love. I felt terrible helping my Gramps make difficult life decisions. I worked hard to remember she is my grandmother.

There were uncomfortable conversations, articulate to doctors how she is progressing and butt heads with family members. I ran a tight ship, no problems telling people itโ€™s time to leave, not allowing people over everyday. God blessed me with the ability to turn my depression away and step up to next level. Love for my Granny drove my decisions down to the last morphine stick. Itโ€ฆ

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  1. I liked this post. I spent years working with dementia patients. I know it is very hard on the families.

    Just take a quick second to edit the spellings in your title for this post. Something typed the wrong way.
    Wishing you peace ,


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