Harvard School of Medicine Research on Schizophrenia

Looking For The Light

The research from Harvard School of Medicine sheds light on reseach in the area of Schizophrenia. When we or a loved one is affected by Schizophphrenia, you look for answers, wanting to know how the discovery can help in the future. I hope we can take several steps forward based on the research.  XxM

Biological Origin of Schizophrenia

By PAUL GOLDSMITHJanuary 27, 2016

The risk of schizophrenia increases if a person inherits specific variants in a gene related to “synaptic pruning”—the elimination of connections between neurons—according to a study from Harvard Medical School, the Broad Institute and Boston Children’s Hospital. The findings were based on genetic analysis of nearly 65,000 people.

The study represents the first time that the origin of this psychiatric disease has been causally linked to specific gene variants and a biological process.

It also helps explain two decades-old observations: synaptic pruning is particularly active during adolescence, which…

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