To Be or Not to Be…Medicated Part 2

Continued from Part 1

I’m not 100% comfortable with medication as a solution for attention problems.

I can’t deny the efficacy of certain prescriptions—last week, our son had his FIRST PERFECT WEEK at school.

Granted, we only had two days in class due to snow but this is still a first. Two days, back-to-back, with only green marks (given for helping, staying on task, getting behavioral compliments from teachers in supplementary classes, etc.)? Never happened before.

The potential for success is incredible.

Possibility of side effects, now or in the future, concerns me.

I can say, in good conscience, that we tried EVERYthing before turning to medication. Still, nagging guilt plagues me, an oppressive feeling we “gave in” to the road more traveled.

Some of my friends say things like

Drug companies are the devil


Pharmaceutical conglomerates care about making money, not about making kids healthy

and although I’m not sure…

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  1. Hi Casey
    You have to do right thing for you and kids. If the kids are having problems with keeping attention, you have to see how the grades are and how it impacts their learning.
    Every person has an opinion, you don’t need their approval. The most critical, if deciding to go with meds, finding the right doctor is key. A GP isn’t the person to see. Have your radar on high alert to see who the other parents see. Finding someone who works with kids is important.
    All those fun decisions to make.
    Take care.

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    • You’re right! 🙂 We have a really great psychologist working with the kids. I like her a lot. XO

      By the way, I gave your blog address to Read Between the Lyme —she has Lyme’s, also.


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