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Wednesday. I still have a “funny” mood. I think it’s a mixed of pissed off and sarcastic. For sure, not nice.
After writing yesterday’s post, I decided to search articles about embracing menopause, just for fun. And OMG what a bunch of crap people write to make you feel better!! I closed the tabs with the violence I would smash a door and shouting F#$K YOU at the same time.
I wish I hadn’t so I could share them with you.

I admit, I would love not having my period anymore, but all the other things seem like a very expensive price to pay for some drops of blood. (Or buckets, in some cases).
My mom had an operation at a very young age so I don’t have a model to compare. Yes, I’m terrified, I won’t lie.
If during my sweet years I feel sometimes a bit “hard to…

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  1. Twin
    You’re worrying about things in the future, it’s strange to have menopause as young as you are. At 27 years old I had cervical cancer. My genetics for ovarian cancer was high. I wasn’t married or had children, my decision to have a total hysterectomy, do I want another surgery or cancer somewhere in my body. My Hysterectomy was the day I started menopause. I started on estrogen, Premarin. There are multiple drugs to manage menopause.
    I know you don’t like to take meds or go to doctor. When you go into menopause you have choices.
    I missed something because I’m unclear why you’re reading something possibly 8-10 years from now?
    Do you have your worry wart hat on?
    Remember not everything on the internet is true or even good for you.
    Worry when you need to, you’ll be much happier.

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