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Wednesday. I still have a “funny” mood. I think it’s a mixed of pissed off and sarcastic. For sure, not nice.
After writing yesterday’s post, I decided to search articles about embracing menopause, just for fun. And OMG what a bunch of crap people write to make you feel better!! I closed the tabs with the violence I would smash a door and shouting F#$K YOU at the same time.
I wish I hadn’t so I could share them with you.

I admit, I would love not having my period anymore, but all the other things seem like a very expensive price to pay for some drops of blood. (Or buckets, in some cases).
My mom had an operation at a very young age so I don’t have a model to compare. Yes, I’m terrified, I won’t lie.
If during my sweet years I feel sometimes a bit “hard to…

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