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Mug shot Tuesday. Are you flirting with me?
Did someone ever ask you that question? And did you wonder why?
Did you ever flirt your ass off and the other person didn’t get it? Oh man, that sucks!
But what sucks even more it’s when the other person is not interested. That one even hurts a bit (in the pride area).

So, are you a good flirt? What does it take to be one?
You have to imagine that I had to do some research in order to write this post, not because I lack experience, more because my memory is failing.
It’s amazing how much “information” about “how to flirt” you can find online. You can choose from magazines, psychology pages or the typical “how to” sites.
I tried a few of the things mentioned below and I can say that some of them work.
If you are a…

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