I Must Have Time for the Living

Art by Rob Goldstein

The last few days have been a horror show.


My partner and I have spent two evenings watching
Dellamorte Dellamore.

If you haven’t seen this film, do.

It’s strange and strangely erotic.

Life gets weird when my partner goes to spend time with his Mother.

The words “I’m going’ ignite multiple levels of reaction; many of them preconscious.

My mind sometimes feels like a scene from Yellow Submarine

When my partner says ‘I’m leaving” an annoying child pops out of my cerebral cortex and becomes disruptive.

I’m not always aware of it because the essence of the thing is that it disengages self-awareness.

Sunday night my partner said he was going to his Mother’s for a week.

I asked which day.

He said he didn’t know.

My partner has to prepare himself emotionally to cope with a mother he loves dearly but with whom he has a conflicted…

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