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Dear men,
if you read yesterday’s post, you have now a little idea of what to do and what not to do when you want to flirt with a woman.
But, can you recognize when a woman is flirting with you?
Did it ever occur to you that a woman was acting kind of strange and you kept wondering if she was really flirting?
“Hmmmm. No… it must be my imagination. I don’t think she’s flirting with me”.

Apparently, we women ALWAYS use the same flirting techniques. A group of men took the time to document all these techniques and now they are available online for all the shy guys to read.

Well, take a look at the list below just to have an idea if a woman is flirting with you.

-She’ll get closer. She’ll be around where you are. She’ll try to listen to you conversations (if…

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