Day 43/44/45 of gratitude 😁


I have been so busy that I haven’t found time for myself over the last couple of days!

Kids have had a busy few days with handball tournament, dance contest and school parties! In addition to work, studies AND therapy I just couldn’t find energy to open up my computer or even phone.

So today I was looking forward to have a family day at home. Enjoying some quality time together, maybe even bake a cake since its Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day here in Norway. But instead I’m hiding in my room, feeling like a failure. My 10 year old had an hysterical outrage when she woke up, and have decided that she don’t want to live with me. She would rather live on the street 😔 I know she is just angry, but I don’t understand why. And she don’t want to talk to me so now I’m…

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