Day 46 of gratitude 👊🏻


Today is a rough day. Last night my 10 year old ran away from home at 9 pm 🙈 she packed her bag and sat outside in the dark for 20 minutes, I watched her. She didn’t have a plan. She was just so angry. And she was angry when she got home. All night. And today.

I have cried so much.

Felt like a failure. Like I’m not good at being a mom. The only thing I always have felt good at.

Tried to talk to her today.

Another failure.

So I talked to my dads girlfriend and she gave me the advice I was needing. She confirmed the feelings and actions I felt I had to do.

So I had to just put my foot down. I sat up some new, very strict house rules. And I took away all her fun.

And it breaks my heart.


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