Hospital visit

From the Darkness into the Sunshine

My brain took over and no help was given, she was rude demanding talking done on me as I wept she vigorously wiped blood away called a clinician who instructed her to give me 4x my dose of antiphychotic meds within minutes i was paralyzed heart racing and a ambulance was called, there was no doubt I was overdosed because the bloody clinician wouldn’t come see me,the gentle st Johns paramedic reassured me and all through the night i was taken care at middlemore hospital until the syptoms had just about worn off,now the effects are tight sore muscles and blurred eye sight as i stumble around groggy and angry I try fight the demons that want me to end my life ,noise hypervigalance are aggravating it …


Nothing has changed with my mom and that continues to hurt or worry me i don’t wanna be alone and we continue…

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